John Hughes Illustration | “Star Dusters” Visual Development
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I began work on “Stardusters” in a cinematic storytelling class while studying illustration the Rhode Island School of Design. What began as a brief assignment in storyboarding launched a full exploration in story construction and visual development for animated entertainment production.

The story of “Stardusters” takes place in a vibrant galaxy existing far beyond the confines of our reality. The exciting interplanetary locales juxtapose with the central protagonist, a janitor clocking in a lifetime of service aboard an exploring starship. His haphazard departure with an adventurous young cadet sets the story in motion.

Scroll down to view the visual development of Star Dusters’ three main characters!

More content on the way…Stay tuned!

More content on the way…Stay tuned!

The following concepts represent an expanding array of items, gizmos, and gadgets that populate the world of Star Dusters.

More content on the way…Stay tuned!

“StarDusters” is a work in progress. Keep checking back here for more updates, or follow me on my social networks to get the latest developments as the story unfolds.